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Brutus Token
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Brutus Tron Staking
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What do we do?

Brutus Finance offers advanced financial solutions on the Tron blockchain through the use of automated technologies and innovative token collateralization strategies.

Collateralized products

Asset collateralization is a key strategy used by Brutus Finance to increase the stability and security of its financial products on the Tron blockchain. This technique involves backing a token with other valuable assets to protect its price from market fluctuations.

Engaged with Tron

Brutus finance, demonstrates its commitment to the Tron community and its willingness to actively contribute to the growth and stability of the network, with its BRUTUS_TRON_STAKING validator, seeking to become the Spanish-speaking reference validator.

SR Tronscan

Our supported products

Brutus token (BRUT)

A USDT-backed token that uses an automated trading strategy to determine its value.

Brutus Tron Staking (BRST)

An automated staking product that uses Tron's energy rent, staking and compound interest to generate profits.

Brutus Galery (BRGY)

Brutus Gallery is Brutus Finance's NFT deal offering a first limited edition collection of 25 NFT with a guaranteed minimum value.

Brutus Resource Rental

A tool to rent and provision power and bandwidth on Tron in an automated way via a telegram bot, an api and our website.

Brutus Lottery (BRLT)

It is a safe lottery in which the investment is guaranteed, and the winner will receive the rewards generated by the pool, obtained through the rental of energy and staking at compound interest.


We are constantly working on the development of new products to meet the needs of our users.

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